Marquez scores the 5th Championship

I recorded the Motegi GP as I was enjoying Lisbon with my wife and friends. I had some utopian hopes for VR46…

I have to say that:

  1. it really surprised me to see both the Yamaha boys in the gravel, doing exactly the same type of crash
  2. it really didn’t surprise me to see MM winning the Title.

If you remove the above two points the race was pretty flat…

After the pole on Saturday I expected a win or a podium from VR46, but I was in for a gravel surprise….


Lorenzo decided to be a team mate and copied VR46 in the gravel at basically 5 laps to the chequered flag for the joy of the Yamaha management…


MM rode alone basically the whole race taking a well deserved win and the Championship.


Probably only VR46 without two mistakes and an engine failure this year was close enough in terms of performance to win the fight for the Championship.

Anyway MM won and deserved to win!

As previously mentioned in other posts and underlined by journalists this year, MM was not only fast and rode brilliantly but connected the brain and he transformed himself into a more mature rider. This process helped him to score the 5th Title.

We still have 3 races and now that the Championship is assigned it will be interesting to see how the riders will ride being mind free.

I give a special mention to Aprilia for the constant progress, well done guys! and to Dani to whom I wish to get well soon!


Australia is just few days away!


You might wonder why I don’t mention:

Ducati, Vinales, Espargaro, Barbera etc?

I don’t see any reason why I should, they were spectators and without the Yamaha gravel performance they will have never seen the podium…

A super fast Marquez wins without mercy at the Aragon MotoGP

I have to admit it: I recorded the MotoGP race as I was out with some other bikers burning rubber on some beautiful roads behind Marseille. The weather was too good to stay home.

After 550km on the R1 and my ass sore, I finally sat down to dinner and watched the MotoGP recording.

I followed the qualifications and I was expecting a Marquez lonely race but I was in for a surprise.

Vinales with a Suzuki that is still lacking the performance of the top machines managed to put together some f…ing hot laps resisting Marquez and taking advantage of Lorenzo.


(Photo credit should read JOSE JORDAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Marquez in the battle with Vinales makes a mistake and ends up behind Dovizioso’s Ducati.

At this point you expect a Vinales win but no! VR46 passes his “best friend” Lorenzo and starts to chase him.

At this moment I’m all happy and amazed by VR46 that after some poor qualification he is in for the fight for victory…


Positions are going to change again, VR46 passes Vinales, all it seems to be set for a VR46 win but Marquez is on another planet.

From the  error back to the first position with amazing overtakes and what a pace!


In the mean time Vinales disappears from the fight for the podium.

Lorenzo closes the gap with VR46 and overtakes him; from now on it is a Yamaha fight for second and third position.


Meanwhile Marquez leads the race undisturbed, the Yamaha duo put up a good fight with an attempt from the Italian on the Spaniard.

The attempt finishes with a mistake from VR46 that will cost him another shot for the second place.

The other riders on the grid?

Beside the solid race from Cal I will say there is nothing major to report.


No wait! Yes there is something to report; Petrux and Redding started a love story at Pramac, let’s see how is goes at the next race…or maybe it is Ducati physics law of attraction…

One mention for Aprilia; they are working quietly but it is a constant evolution. The improvements are there to testify the hard work.

MotoGP of Spain - Free Practice

(Photo by Mirco Lazzari gp/Getty Images)

16 of October in Motegi MotoGP is back, we just have to wait patiently…

Pedrosa is back! The 8th winner of the season!

I believe no one would have guessed that today’s winner would be Pedrosa.


Dani had till now a very bad season, lots of problems with the bike, the difficulties to co-exist with a champion like Marquez, but today he made a perfect race.

The good tire choice, no wings ( I guess it was the only bike on the grid without them ), a perfect ride and beautiful overtakes.

He was aggressive, starving for a podium today and he deserved to win.

The pass on VR46 was just perfect, well done Dani!

Hopefully would not be a one off, but a full coming back in the fight for the podium.

VR46 was as always there, as always pushing for the podium and rode as a champion like only he can.


The overtake on Lorenzo was beautiful, aggressive but clean.

Unfortunately for him Dani today was on another planet, but again he managed to recover 7 points on Marquez.

I doubt he will win the championship, but a close fight is very good for the MotoGP and for us at home watching it.

Lorenzo is back on the podium, a good third place without much story apart that today was a sunny day…


Marquez wasn’t fast enough to enjoy the fight for the podium and thank God he used his brain and kept the 4th position without taking the risk of loosing it all with a crash.

The rest of the grid? none really stood out today.

I’m not surprised that Vinales and the Suzuki didn’t win or weren’t in the fight but I’m very surprised by the lack of performance from Ducati, I really don’t understand it.


Next race is in 14 days at Aragon (Spain), who will win? Is it finally time for Dovizioso?


Are we there yet???

Vinales & Suzuki dominate Silverstone race!

How was Silverstone MotoGP? Spectacular! As simple as that.

Vinales rode perfectly from turn one till the chequered flag, there isn’t much to say, he was outstanding as was the Suzuki.


Behind Vinales, things were way more interesting.

Cal, VR46, Marquez, Iannone and Pedrosa provided us with a fantastic show.

Cal is riding like never before and winning the battle with Marquez shows that he is also in the right frame of mind.

Truly impressed with this guy, love the way he fought for taking a well deserved second place.


He is old but he is always there! VR46 was again in the fight for the podium.

The battle with Marquez was beautiful! Two champions a clean fight and fantastic show.


Marquez provided some amazing overtakes, the battles with VR46 and Cal were electrifying but unfortunately he pushed too much and he lost the podium. I think he didn’t want to arrive behind a satellite Honda in two consecutive races.


Believe it or not also Pedrosa was there but he was a spectator apart for the last couple of tours. Also on this occasion he lost against Marquez, it isn’t his MotoGP season – end of story.


During the race we saw sparks from Iannone but they didn’t last long. He went down again…some consistency…


I had hope after the Saturday qualification for a good race from Laverty but unfortunately it didn’t happen, a missed opportunity.


A beautiful helmet and  bike livery for the Silverstone race, but someone was’t there with the head… Redding was a real disappointment this weekend.


Lorenzo if you are there knock at the podium! In dry conditions obviously😉.


The 11 of September isn’t that far, let’s see what Misano holds for us.


How beautiful is a championship where you get 7 different winners, all the bike constructors constantly on the podium? Probably one of the best MotoGP season.

Well done Cal #35! Silverstone isn’t too far…

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to watch the race as the decoder on Saturday during the Qualification decided to die…bastard…

Good news! Thanks to motorsport  I managed to follow the race, it isn’t the same as watching it on TV, but there weren’t any other solutions…

2016-08-21 14.50.49

Coming back to the ‘virtual race’, I’m truly happy for Cal! He deserved a win after such a difficult season, bravo! What a lion!

2016-08-21 21.45.22

Silverstone is the next MotoGP event…he is English…I’m expecting another strong performance.


VR46 learned from the Assen mistake and this time collected a very good second place. As he said after the race unfortunately Marquez is too far ahead…

2016-08-21 21.44.55

VR46 made some errors this season, a retirement and a crash meanwhile Marquez till now made a nearly perfect season, impressive so far.

2016-08-21 21.02.47

The Czech MotoGP saw again a strong performance from Marquez, he is undoubtedly doing an outstanding season.

Let’s talk now about the other stars of the Czech event.

Loris Baz! Fourth, what a fantastic result! Only two races that he is back on the Avintia Ducati after the Mugello accident and look at what a beautiful result!

2016-08-21 20.58.56

Another good result from Petrux, even if I think that without some avoidable errors this season would have been much better….

2016-08-21 21.03.57

Laverty again managed a good result with an old bike, unfortunately I think this is his last  MotoGP season, as I believe he will return to WSBK with a winning bike.

2016-08-21 21.06.03

The Czech MotoGP event also brought us back a performing Tito Rabat, I’m very please with it as he was going through a very difficult season.

2016-08-21 21.06.41

A mention also for Aprilia, finally a promising result, work in progress for 2017…Espargaro next year should be able to make them find the missing step to close the gap to the more competitive bikes.

2016-08-21 21.08.26

Silverstone I’m ready for the show, if the decoder doesn’t die again….

It took 6 years! Ducati finally wins 1 and 2 in Austria!

Some months ago I wrote about the incomprehensible situation at Ducati, the lack of performance, the awful results… and here I’m writing about this beautiful 1 – 2 at the Austrian GP.

I think we all need to give credit to Casey Stoner.

2016-08-15 09.26.10

The number of kms that he made in the last testing to fix Ducati problems were impressive and they all payed off.

I wonder if he will ever race again…

Back at the race…after the first laps and couple of attempts from VR46 and Lorenzo it was obvious the Ducati were on another planet.

The Ducati was and is simply a volcano of power!

Iannone made a perfect race, proof that when he connects the brain he can be a serious contender for the podium. Well done for the tire choice.

2016-08-15 09.25.03

Dovisioso was there too for the battle for first, but the tires didn’t last, maybe next time?

2016-08-15 09.25.13

Lorenzo, Vr46 and Marquez were there too, but on a Ducati day there wasn’t much for them to do. Yamaha was missing speed and Honda was out off the pace.

2016-08-15 09.27.06

I think Suzuki has a very good chassis but the engine is underpowered in comparison to the other top bikes, Vinales did a very good race taking that into consideration.

2016-08-15 09.26.52

Truly gutted for Barberra; another amazing race, ruined by a jump start, a miss read of the messages and culminated with a black flag…

2016-08-15 10.27.19

Truly happy for this man! ReddingPower!

2016-08-15 09.27.27

Another solid race, he can definitely deliver.

Despite what I wrote before, I think that the secret behind the Ducati performance is the new girlfriend of Iannone!

2016-08-15 09.31.00

Belen Rodrigues….

Let’s see next Sunday what happens at Brno!

Marco Melandri is back in WSBK with Ducati, unfortunately.

I don’t want to sound too bitchy about Marco Melandri being back, but this isn’t good news for Ducati nor WSBK.

2016-07-28 17.44.35

I see no point in changing from Giuliano to Melandri.

Giuliano definitely underperformed no excuses, but choosing a rider that never really achieved anything particular in his career really leaves me speechless.

2016-07-28 17.45.08

I think that in the above photo Giuliano is asking himself how you can choose Melandri to take his place…

Melandri when he had the bike to win in WSBK didn’t win, this year no one offered him a bike, he isn’t young anymore, why choose him?

2016-07-28 17.43.50

I can understand that the Ducati budget is all on MotoGP for trying to develop the bike and put Lorenzo in position to win, but at least take a young talented rider, there are so many.

Melandri will team up with Chaz Devis, a rider that knows the bike and he is mentally strong and extremely fast, how can you put a rider that isn’t racing for one year next to him?

I criticised Ducati many times and I’m here doing it again, I don’t understand the politics of the Racing branch of the Factory.

A team that has all the talent, know-how and budget to win in all categories gets lost in poor rider choices, it drives me crazy!

KTM MotoGP adventure is well underway!

2016-07-23 11.10.47

The KTM RC 16 is beautiful and fast.

About being beautiful, I didn’t have many doubts as all KTMs are beautiful (IMO) road production included.

2016-07-23 11.11.36

About being fast, I think it was a surprise to many, but let’s don’t forget that KTM was and is able in many categories to produce winning bikes.

2016-07-23 11.10.35

The KTM team has definitely started with the right foot this MotoGP adventure.

After the test in Austria the lap times were very promising especially taking in consideration that many teams were there testing with factory bikes (Ducati, Suzuki, Yamaha).

2016-07-23 11.11.31

Luthi, Kallio and Hofmann on the circuit, reading the post testing interview, they all had a blast, plus Kallio will also enjoy a wildcard for the Valencia MotoGP race.

I’m very curious to see that race in Valencia, a competitive KTM for 2017 will make the MotoGP Championship even more thrilling!

2016-07-23 11.11.16

The atmosphere at the factory in Austria must be exciting and productive.

2016-07-23 11.10.42

Keep pushing KTM.

MotoGP – Radio or no Radio?

After the Sachsenring race it had to be expected someone had to bring out the radio communication subject.

It is true in MotoGp there aren’t any radio communications, instead you get a good and big panel with all the info you need!

I don’t see anything wrong with it.


Radio communications; will they have changed the final result of the race? We don’t know, but yes I think it is a good guess.

VR46 thinks it is a good idea, other riders have different ideas, what do I think?

It is an horrible idea, if I look at the F1 and the radio saga, what you can say, what you can’t say it is pretty pathetic.

In this sport the rider comes first, as simple as that.

Let’s keep it simple without taking the viruses that are ruining other motorsport categories…

2016-07-20 10.05.29

Marc Marquez a Champion Coming Together

2016-07-17 20.09.44

As much as last year’s ending to the MotoGP season left me with lots of disappointment under a pure human and sporting point of view, this year Marquez is definitely another rider.

I was so please of the hand shake between Marquez and VR46 at Barcelona ( about time actually ), it was like harmony was back even if the loss of Salom was a presence that can’t be removed from that weekend.

2016-07-18 09.47.55

Marquez this year is riding probably not the best moto on the grid, but he is making the difference as a rider and we need to salute that.

2016-07-17 20.09.52

He is more mature, he thinks before pushing to the limits and he is lucky, you need also luck to win.

I don’t know who is, if there is someone, behind this transformation but we can only admire it.

2016-07-17 20.09.20

Today at the Sachsenring he was lucky, but when he realised that the Honda wasn’t going to perform in the wet he stayed put without going on the floor.

He and the team made the right call for switching the moto and they opted for the right type of tires.

That’s luck as there is no radio in MotoGP, but he drove on a circuit not yet ready for slicks perfectly, he was outstanding today.

2016-07-17 20.09.32

Yes I would have preferred VR46 to win, but today was a very well deserved win for Marquez and the Honda Team.

As things are it is more and more possible that Marquez will win the Championship this year, after 9 races he well deserves to be first in the Championship, no doubt of that.

I hope he would not have it too easy for the show…us as fans of this sport we can only salute a young boy transforming himself into a champion.

Will he do mistakes? Yes of course VR46 still does them…

Am I a new Marquez supporter? No, but I can’t be blind and not see how talented and mature he has become, I simply can’t wait for  the next race in Austria.

2016-07-17 20.09.11